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2015-15 Office of Educational Quality and Accountability Test Results

2015-16 Office of Educational Quality and Accountability


A-F report card, Penny Sales Tax, and the Lottery

State Revenue Failure.....Budget Hole

HOT Topics in Education (CCOSA presentation)



As I enter into the 29th year of my career in education, I realize that 19 of those years has been as an administrator for Snyder Public Schools. I have been blessed to work with many outstanding educators.  I start with this statement to solidify reports that the most influential factor in student learning is having a highly qualified, highly effective teacher in front of classrooms teaching students every day.  Regardless of the quality of textbooks, the condition of school buses, or the meal service; having quality, caring, educators is the most important factor that we can control for student achievement. As we fight through what to many has been the most controversial time in public education, Snyder Schools has been fortunate to have the ability to serve our students with highly qualified professional educators. Setting aside the daily issues that students bring to school with them, teachers are filtering through recommended teaching methods and standards set before them through legislative mandates as well as strategies given to them from their professional organizations and local administrators. My hat is off to the dedicated Oklahoma teachers, the young people going into education, and especially  to the entire staff of Snyder Public Schools.  With all that said, I truly believe in local control and the decisions made for the betterment of our students, parents, and patrons of our community.


I know everyone is well aware of the financial state that Oklahoma is in.  Not too many months ago, many people were experiencing windfalls from the oil and gas industry as well as the wind energy efforts. The economy seemed strong and showing the ability to recover from our burdened and stressed core services that we need to produce healthy and productive citizens in this great state. However,  the wisdom of our legislature has continued to cut the income tax rates at a time that seemed to be contrary to common sense.  They are also continuing to give away millions in tax credits that could have helped us recover from the BILLION dollar financial hole we are now facing.  


To make things worse, we are losing teachers to other states that are showing that education is a priority.  We have also lost many teachers to the private sector as well. The Oklahoma State Department of Education has approved nearly 1,000 emergency certificates this year alone. This number has doubled in the last two years. I predict this number will be even higher next year as we have been told to prepare for another 10% cut this year and next. It is extremely hard to prepare and budget for the future when there are so many uncertainties that lie ahead.  Continuing to work on funding from 2008 has burdened our school system. In my tenure as superintendent, we have 8 less certified employees and 10 additional support.  These past few years we have had increased class sizes, reduced student services, reduced educational programs, eliminated others, and reduced administrative costs. We are now in the 6th year of what was supposed to be a two year moratorium of relaxing the mandates of HB 1017. Many of you just asked yourself, “What is House Bill 1017”? Short answer; legislation passed 25 years ago to reform Oklahoma Public Education. And, what happened to all the lottery dollars to help public education? Why should we have to defend Snyder Schools from consolidation efforts by legislators when we are a district of 450 square miles?  Is the penny sales tax the answer? I invite you to see some of the answers to these questions on our website at www.snyder.k12.ok.us under important educational issues.


I would love to entertain a healthy discussion on any of these education topics. Please stop by or give me a call. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during these tough times.  We always try to provide the best educational choice in southwest Oklahoma. As we all know, “It’s a great day to be a Cyclone”

Robert Trammell
Snyder Public Schools



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